Dr Manolo Guerci and Professor Henrik Schoenefeldt

As I leave this role after five years of continuous service, I welcome Professor Henrik Schoenefeldt who will be taking over the role. We currently have 31 PhD students, six of whom joined us in 2020/21, while a further eight are confirmed to join us in the next academic year. 

Kent School of Architecture and Planning (KSAP) students are members of one of our three research centres, CREATE (Centre for Research in European Architecture), CASE (Centre for Research in Sustainable Environment), and DARC (Centre for Research in Digital Architecture), and actively participate in the school’s life. 

This year was marked by a renewed, very active and, because of the virtual mode of delivery, extremely well attended Research Seminar Series in which our students informally presented their work to staff and peers, and kept contacts with each other. The seminars are an excellent platform to bounce ideas off, share knowledge and expertise whilst getting important feedback alongside gaining some experience to present publicly. 

With the unique challenges brought by the pandemic, KSAP can be proud of its level of dedication from both academic and professional services staff, as well as student representatives, all of whom contributed to helping and making our community stronger. I'd like to thank the PhD students for their extraordinary contribution, particularly this year, and for all the innovative and interesting research they continue to carry out. As they say, per aspera – or through adversity – one can reach the stars!

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