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Dlara Naqi graduated from the school of Architecture in Sulaymaneyah, Kurdistan, where she is a registered architect. Dlara worked on two international regeneration/rehabilitation workshop in collaboration with University of Brandenburg of Technology Cottbus. She then completed her Masters in Architectural Conservation at the University of Kent, then pursuing her PhD in Conservation and Architectural History.


Dr. Nikolaos Karydis
Dr. Manolo Guercci

Attitudes Towards Heritage During Britain's Post-War Reconstruction

Focusing on: Plymouth, Coventry and Canterbury

Historic buildings and characters were redefined numerously during the reconstruction period, affecting the way planners and authorities approached/perceived them. This research tries to understand the various attitudes toward the surviving heritage during the replanning of bombed cities. Understanding whether heritage was considered as a factor in developing the new plans and if or how their importance has changed during the years. Moreover, the study will examine the reception of the new plans and development and their effect on the ‘conserved’ heritage over the years. Hence the need for understanding the significance of the cities and its buildings prior to the destruction, and their position after the redevelopment. One of the main part of the research is producing a damaged-bomb maps for the selected case studies then comparing them with the planners’ destructions carried out to realising the plans, to evaluate planners’ definitions of significance.

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