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Rafaella Siagkri is a Lecturer in Interior Architecture at the University of Brighton and a PhD researcher in the Kent School
of Architecture and Planning. Rafaella’s research interests follow an interdisciplinary spectrum. Her current research focuses on restoring and renovating architectural expressionist film sets that proved crucial in the history of cinema and architecture. Her PhD explores using Virtual Reality as a tool for understanding abstract architecture.


Professor Gordana Fontana-Giusti
Dr Alexandra Covaci

‘Le Caligarisme’, Architectural Space and Virtual Reality

VR as an investigative tool to better understand architecture in cinema: The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

Many theorists have cited The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) as the reason for changing their standpoint regarding cinema as an art form. Utilising VR as an investigative tool and method of analysis, this research aims to give scholars a unique opportunity to understand better the archival materials and architectural involvement of this expressionist masterpiece. The transformation of the 2D drawings into 3D virtual space contributes to the creation of a contemporary interpretation of a historic film sets and the identification of reasons for the absence of expressionist architecture as physical structure. The presentation of this research will enable other scholars to further evaluate the work and suggest supplementary interpretations that have not hitherto been considered, continue to contribute preserving cultural heritage, not only from a filmmaking perspective but also from an architectural standpoint.

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