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Programme Director: Dr Jerome Tsui

An exhibition that explores the positionality of storytelling and the in between space through multi-sensory senses, emotional attachments, qualities of colour and experiences, whilst also observing the relationship between these elements to feel the flow of time. The themes explored by our first and second-year students enabled them to develop a rich understanding of the creative industry, inclusive design, brand experiences, design agency and power, sustainability culture, materiality, and its impact on the environment. These projects aspire to contribute to the current design and social challenges as a form of disseminating information in innovative and compelling ways. Each student translated complex research and narratives into captivating stories, beautiful and provocative imagery – all by visualising their design knowledge.

Throughout the year, both cohorts were introduced to different design disciplines, conventions and working conditions. From designing a chair to a reinterpretation of William Hogarth’s plates, students were able to capture the essence of storytelling. The live collaborative projects with Kent Oasis Garden, Swale Friends of the Earth and Revival Café in Whitstable permitted the students to understand the design process and various creative journeys from the perspective of themselves and their clients. Students put forward their own proposals based on design research, case studies, individual narratives, personal interests, and most importantly, the client considerations. They explored key aspects of the circular economy, experiential design, virtual and augmented reality, modular design, and sustainable processes and systems to navigate between the physical, social, and political elements of the design process.

We want to congratulate our students for their hard work and creative projects that revealed rich spatial experiences in imaginative spaces. Special thanks to Simon Basketter, Kasia Czapiga, Richi Mohanty, Pip Nash, Kerry Bradley and Tim Meacham for your support and assistance in delivering the programme this year.

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