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Wael Alsharawneh

Stage 3, BA (Hons) Architecture


In this project, I designed a building for Catching Lives, an organisation that is aimed at supporting rough sleepers, homeless and vulnerably housed in Canterbury and East Kent. The multi-functional development will focus on creating spaces that help in achieving the charity vision of a society where all are included and all, no matter how disadvantaged, can make a contribution.

The project focuses on designing a place that provides a place for homeless people where they socially interact, eat, sleep, develop skills, and self-sustain. This will be through gardening, soup kitchen, library, a dormitory for the homeless and workshops. Through gardening, library and places dedicated to social interactions, the place promotes social interactions between the homeless people and the volunteers too. Helping homeless people mentally by focussing on social interactions will help them improve their life drastically, which will reflect on their life positively and the community as a whole. Moreover, the library will help to attract the public to spread the word about homelessness and help in improving the community. It will also give back to society generally which something that I emphasised in this project.

Design Tutor, Urban Intervention: Hooman Talebi

Design Tutor, Architectural Design: Dr Silvio Caputo


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