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Silvia-Raisa Simeria

Stage 3, BA (Hons) Architecture

Urban Intervention

This project's main objective was to design an inclusive and sustainable urban proposal for three of Canterbury's car parks. Redeveloping cities like Canterbury is essential for tackling the contemporary challenge of climate change. To achieve this, a series of strategies were implemented for redeveloping the urban spaces within the Canterbury area in a more sustainable manner.

Architectural Design

The cost-effective, nature-based, therapeutic practice of care farming, was recognised to provide a vital solution to the rising number of mental health cases. Therefore, my proposal, as a Well-Being Centre, incorporated care-farming as well as other activities in order to promote the well-being of Canterbury’s residents.

Design Tutor, Urban Intervention: Dr Silvio Caputo

Design Tutor, Architectural Design: Dr Silvio Caputo

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