James Hatton

Stage 4, MArch

A Fragile Luxury

This project takes an interesting stance on Gothic by creating an unconventional, yet more progressive way of helping homeless people. The project began by exploring the fragile yet dominating features from Gothic architecture as it took over its Romanesque predecessor. The site contains two sides that conflict with each other, the Freemasons and the Guildhall (much like the Goths and Romans). However, over the years as Freemasonry has become more fragile the evolution of the organisation has become more charitable, primarily towards homeless people. The building follows the Freemasonry ideals of helping each other and applied to the homeless.

The true story of the soloist was a source of inspiration that served as a basis for the help centre of this building. The story is of a reporter who helps this homeless person by reviving his creative spirit. Similarly, the help centre provides creativity to enhance the life of a homeless person and potentially allow them to solidify their life. The centre also allows the homeless to present their talents through stages and an art gallery that is open to the general public. The guildhall side provides accommodation much like medieval hospitals.