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Garima Rai

Stage 3, BA (Hons) Architecture

AR558 Architectural Design (Images 1-5)

A health and well-being centre, in a familiar form of a library, creates a sense of community, provides access to information and support, and becomes a safe refuge for the people of Margate.

Working with the site’s history and its existing characteristics, the new centre aims to become part of the local fabric by reacting to and becoming an intrinsic part of the site.

AR557 Urban Intervention (Images 6-8)

Cecil, Hawley, and Addington, as squares of Margate, were once widely used by the public, but today they have either been overtaken by vehicles, or lost and forgotten.

These interventions attempts to add life back into these squares where public participation is highly encouraged. Through a closed loop system of food production, consumption and decomposition, these squares once again become an integral part of the community within Margate.

Design Tutor, Urban Intervention: Dr Silvio Caputo

Design Tutor, Architectural Design: Chloe Street Tarbatt


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