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Eleanor Fowler

MA Architectural Visualisation

Amangiri Resort (images 1-3)

Amangiri is a resort located in the USA’s Grand Circle region. The resort overlooks the beautiful desert scenery and the Southwest’s iconic flat-topped mesa rock formations, Amangiri ‘peaceful mountain’. The aim of this series of visualisations was to portray the feeling of a hazy warm desert setting. I emphasised this through the portrayal of worn textures and muted tones through the furnishings in the interior spaces.

Bernat Klein Studio (images 4-5)

The studio won an RIBA award in 1973 and Edinburgh Architectural Association Centenary Medal and currently has A-class listing from Historic Scotland in 2002. The interior of Bernat Klein Studio consists of open plan studio space on two floors centred around vertical brick core housing stairs, kitchen and bathroom. My intentions are to reflect the era of this building though the the colour palette and furniture in this space.


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