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Anni Zhang

Architecture PhD student

Comparative study of the quality of urban park experience in the aspect of London and Beijing’s parks

The characteristic of Chinese public parks and squares is that public parks and squares express a government's false merit. A political system, inappropriate aesthetic concept, and ignorance of the characteristics of Chinese cities cause the government's need to build public parks and squares as the government's false merit. Furthermore, squares and parks built for political purposes. The designers did not consider the needs of residents in some Chinese cities (Pu, 2011). Piazzas and parks designed in front of the city government. More importantly, the square is an entertainment place established to promote a city in China.

In this research, tourists' using experience about parks in developed and developing countries. The research was analysed using a questionnaire survey, photography, field investigation, videos, mapping various zones, literature reviews, and interviews. Furthermore, the research focuses on the quality of the urban park experience in London and Beijing's parks. The research selected Hyde Park, Kew Gardens, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Forest Park to compare with the Temple of Heaven, Beijing Botanical garden and Beijing Olympic Forest Park. Moreover, the research aims to solve the following issues: How is the general position and role in the city affecting the park, what is the foremost contemporary usage of the park today, what kind of users does the park attract, which recreational facilities attract users, and what areas of the park do visitors like to stay? The study aims to put forward some suggestions on the landscape design and development direction of new parks.


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