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Angela Shehaj

Stage 3, BA (Hons) Architecture

Gable and Grid Repair Café Project

Canterbury Repair Cafe needs a new permanent home which will be situated at the heart of the city, next to Canterbury’s award-winning shopping district.

The ground floor will accommodate repair activities where the community can share ideas, repair knowledge, and improve their repair skills for the purpose of upcycling. Tools and resources will be provided to facilitate these activities through the library of tools and spare parts which will be available to locals to borrow, lend and donate tools. The building, as well as the outdoor amphitheatre adjacent to it will provide a new link to the city walls which will no longer exist as a barrier but a place for social gathering promoting better pedestrian circulation around the site.

The gable and stone veneer create a sense stability and solidity which are linked back to the traditional medieval appearance of Canterbury. In contrast, the grids of the storage shelves which separate the internal spaces, and the outdoor wooden columns give the building a sense of transparency and translucency.

If you would like to get in touch with Angela, you can do so vial email:

Design Tutor, Urban Intervention: Rebecca Muirhead

Design Tutor, Architectural Design: Dr Ambrose Gillick


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