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Alexandra-Stefania Barbu

Stage 3, BA (Hons) Architecture

The Mid-Air is a development in which the past and the future exist only for creating the present. The past is celebrated by a calligraphy space in which locals and visitors have to opportunity to discover and conserve an ancient practice in an era of speed and superficiality. It values the present while commemorating the past.

The air protein flour production, a high-end technology production developed in the recent years, aims to represent the future of human life. It comes in the help of the Canterbury Cathedral to sustain a healthier lifestyle of the society through a much more sustainable food source: the air that we breath. The past and the future meet up in the Mid of the building, in an eating space in which the smell of freshly baked bread spreads throughout the building.

Design Tutor, Urban Intervention: Peter Wislocki Design Tutor, Architectural Design: Rebecca Muirhead

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