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Alexandra Bobîrnac

Stage 3, BA (Hons) Architecture

Architectural Design

The client, Canterbury Food Bank, talked about the issues they as a society and their clients deal with on a daily basis such as lack of funds, insufficient fresh products and the stigma around using a food bank. As the existing location for their warehouse in Whitstable is the perfect one, this design is looking to become a monthly income generator and provides job opportunities with the new market hall proposal.

The building is open to a larger public, inviting people from all backgrounds to gather and offer each other support. Furthermore, the project challenged me to engage with the city wall and Whitefriars shopping centre to create safe interactive outdoor activities. The scenery is proposing a park, as continuation of Dane John Gardens and hard landscape towards the North, as the site gets closer to the high street.

Urban Intervention tutor: Hooman Talebi

Architectural Design tutor: Dr Ambrose Gillick


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