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Ahmed Mohamed

Stage 3, BA (Hons) Architecture

Architectural Design (Images 1-7)

The project focuses on creating a healthy environment for the community focusing on the four main themes ‘Learning’ ‘Exercising’ ‘Growing’ and ‘Socialising’. The original car park was a monolithic concrete structure that had no interaction with the street. The new proposal has a courtyard that opens up to the street. A ramp is superimposed on the Courtyard and is a running track with energy collecting tiles on the ramp that activate as people run. In addition to this the ramp also serves as a social tool, strengthening the relationship between the people, the building and the street.

Urban Intervention (Images 8-10)

This design focuses on the urban regeneration of three separate sites along the Ramsgate seafront: the Royal Harbour, the East Cliff, and the Maritime Museum, with the goal of resolving the town's dual personality by bridging the divide between town and seaside.


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