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Programme Director: Peter Wislocki

The PG Diploma in Architectural Practice provides a Part 3 programme alongside the well established architectural Part 1 and Part 2 programmes offered by the Kent School of Architecture and Planning (KSAP). 


As such, the course benefits from KSAP’s diversity of academic knowledge and research, and the cross-fertilisation between the disciplines of its staff. KSAP is strongly rooted in Kent while pursuing a broad outlook, and the Part 3 course reflects this, with staff and students mostly based in the region but professionally active across the UK and beyond.  


The PGDip’s core curriculum is based directly on the RIBA/ARB criteria for Part 3 graduates, and the lectures and seminars is derived directly from these criteria, which are common to all equivalent courses in the UK. It is, however, intended that, within these criteria, the Kent PGDip has the following USPs: 


  • Exploration of alternative building procurement strategies, reflecting innovative practice (partly based on the staff team’s personal experience) 

  • Emphasis on international practice (based on the proposed staff team’s personal experience)

One of the USPs of the Kent PGDip in Architectural Practice is to be its international outlook. The Programme Director has extensive personal experience managing projects and businesses in the UK, France, Poland, Russia and many other countries, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.  

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