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Programme Director: Georgios-Spyridon Athanasopoulos

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The MSc Bio Digital Architecture Programme at KSAP is a post-professional program developing a specialist approach to architectural thinking and design execution, and encourages you to engage with broader theoretical debates that are pertinent to contemporary practice. The programme explores the concept of space and the problem of configuring space in architecture. Taking an interdisciplinary approach (including theoretical biology, social science, systems theory, cybernetics, semiotics and computation) you will establish ways and means of rethinking and designing architectural space.

In the current situation, where the integrity and primary role of architecture is seriously challenged by specialised research and partial interpretations of the discipline, there is a growing need to articulate a body of knowledge and understanding capable of reconciling the fragmented areas of knowledge within the given reality of current contemporary architectural practice. The aim of the course is to establish a comprehensive understanding of architecture rooted in the humanities, with an emphasis on the digital turn in architectural discourse and theory, to integrate knowledge of specialised disciplines into a unified and meaningful whole. The integrative nature of the investigations you will study opens the possibility to come to terms with the situational structure of architecture and can serve at the same time as a foundation for a more fully developed human ecology.

The programme is also designed to create an open dialogue between academia and the architectural profession at a local, national and international level and there are a range of high profile visiting practitioners and academics to promote such a dialogue. The programme equips students with the skills to influence architectural design direction at the highest level: the MSc Bio Digital Architecture programme becoming a vital link between academia and architectural practice: a hub of knowledge interchange for the region, providing an interface for practitioners to contribute to intellectual debate and for academics to connect with practice.

The MSc Bio Digital Architecture Programme experience, its seminars, reviews, lectures and debates provide a unique body of knowledge from which the students develop their own understanding of and position within contemporary architectural design. Design projects, lecture programmes, seminars and workshops occur within the framework of research, experimentation and innovation, which make up the life of the Kent School of Architecture and Planning.

To the students, we hope that you will be inspired to reveal new boundaries for the discipline and to open up new horizons for your own professional development.

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