Programme Director: Dr Nikolaos Karydis

This year, visiting and surveying historic buildings was difficult due to the pandemic. To help us overcome these difficulties, the Soceity for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) shared with our students its digital, laser-scan model of St. Andrews Chapel, a major medieval building in Maidstone, and the Society’s current ‘Old House Project’.  This 3D model helped the students to study the building’s fabric and analyse its current condition prior to finally visiting the building. In addition to this, the director and technicians of the SPAB shared information about the current repair project with the students, and provided feedback on the students’ work. 

Collaboration with the SPAB combined with the use of new digital tools not only made a unique monument more accessible during lockdown, but also gave the students the opportunity to work on a ‘live project’, receiving feedback from leading conservation experts. 

We are also excited that Fiona Raley joined our programme this year, sharing with our students her knowledge and expertise in architectural conservation. Inaugurated with a field trip to Margate, Fiona’s module looked at conservation policies and their impact on historic towns. Our students also explored the principles of conservation with Dr. Manolo Guerci, and Ron Yee introduced them to the methods of structural appraisal. The students also benefited from exclusive lectures delivered by Jonathan Deeming, the surveyor of the fabric of Canterbury Cathedral.