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Stage 4

Derelict boats, with their weathered and decaying appearance, can serve as visual metaphors for the passage of time and the inevitable cycle of life.For elderly individuals who may be contemplating their own mortality or reflecting on the transience of life, the sight of derelict boats can evoke a sense of fragility and impermanence. Some individuals, regardless of age, find beauty in decay and the process of nature reclaiming man-made objects.

Repurposing wrecked boats into sculptures is a creative and eco-friendly way to give new life to the old and abandoned vessels in the coastal area of Kent. By transforming these wrecked boats into sculptures, they not only become visually appealing pieces but also serve as a reminder of the boat’s history and the beauty that can be found in repurposing materials.

This project is an invitation for collaborative work between local Artists and craftsmen and the elderly of Faversham.

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