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Stage 3

Chatham Intra Music Hall


This project aims to use music to revitalise the sense of community, the economy and the cultural scene of Chatham Intra by providing a venue to facilitate musical education and performance, with the highest standards of acoustic design.


Within The Intra Concert Hall, an unadorned wall of the hall is clad with routed oak panels in a randomised curved pattern to reflect the sound back to the audience and musicians. On adjustable grids suspended on the ceiling, stage lighting and acoustic panels can be adjusted to suit different styles of music. Other supporting spaces featured in the scheme provide space for musical practice, audio recording and musical instrument repair.


The façades that encircle the courtyard at the centre of the scheme are designed to redirect and amplify sound using curved concrete façades, creating a courtyard with optimal conditions for outdoor performance. Along with this, a restaurant at the front of the site aims to bring continuity to the Chatham Intra Highstreet street scape.

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