Programme Director: Professor Samer Bagaeen

The MA in Urban Planning and Resilience was launched in 2018 in response to the global challenges of globalisation, urbanisation, digitisation and climate change.


As everyday life halted and we switched to remote teaching and learning, we saw this as an opportunity to expand both our reach as a programme as well as expand who we reach out to in order to deliver effective and useful teaching. Our core principles as a programme, stemming from the belief that the pandemic only served to accelerate trends and threats already in play, remain firm.

This MA in Urban Planning and Resilience is a course that gives our students, and you, our partners, the tools to see the big picture for resilience, exploring how infrastructure networks in cities are complex and interlinked. It prepares students for the road to resilience on a global scale while our own commitment as a school community remains addressing investment in the future, effective planning, supporting race to zero and decarbonisation.


The decarbonisation agenda, delivering net zero, and recognising that capital and investments should shift towards transition activities form a substantial component of our curriculum. We looked at how the building industry, and construction in particular, could shift towards zero emissions as quickly as possible and we reached out to industry and to our partner and nearby local government organisations to co-learn and co-deliver the curriculum with us.


As the pandemic impacted lives and livelihoods around the world during this academic year, our own programme found a sweet spot. Whereas everyone responded to the pandemic in different ways, this MA in Urban Planning and Resilience emerged from the crisis more connected, more mature, more aware, and more resilient.