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Programme Director: Howard Griffin

The MA Arch Vis course, this year, saw a number of changes to previous years.  Not only did we return to the computer labs on campus, but the course evolved to meet the everchanging requirements of the industry.  The Film and Architecture module was enlarged to incorporate a Spring term film production addition, responding directly to the theoretical grounding developed in the Autumn term.  Former MAAVer, Rafaella Siagkri, continued to deliver this module looking at the relationship between the two disciplines, helping students to incorporate this understanding into their own film work.

We also saw the introduction of a new module, Postproduction, which focused on both still and moving imagery.  This new work allows students to further prepare their visualisation work to professional standard.  We were able to welcome Joseph Robson from AVR London to deliver this course, giving students a valuable insight into the profession and how to get their own work to this standard.

We were also able to welcome Uma Shan and Jonny Lee (two other former MAAVers) to help deliver the Digital Architecture Portfolio module.  Again, their knowledge and experience at AVR London was crucial in helping students gauge the quality of their own work.


Virtual Cities, this year, saw the MAAVers take part in the Medway Light Nights festival in February 2022 in Rochester.  The two-day event was attended by thousands of spectators, who were treated to an array of architectural augmentations on two sites, Rochester Cathedral and the Six Poor Travellers’ House.  Responding to the themes of Charles Dickens’ work, the MAAVers created some excellent work that was widely appreciated by all.


This summer, some of our students are taking part in work placements at AVR London, Factory Fifteen, Glass Canvas, Miller Hare, MSC Cruises and VMI Studio, during which they will continue to develop their skills and knowledge.  Whilst others are pursuing their development through major project work.

I would like to thank Jonny Lee, Joseph Robson, Uma Shan, and Rafaella Siagkri for their help in preparing the next generation of architectural visualisers. 


The 2021-22 MAAVers are: Stephon Best, Srushti Chavan, Eylul Cucumak, Will Denney, Rosie Jones, Line Nehme, Jermaine Thomas, Iyad Sawaftah, Rose Wetherell, and Tzs Ki (Khara) Yau.

Good luck to all of you!

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