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Programme Director: Howard Griffin

2022-23 saw the MA Architectural Visualisation course forge stronger links with industry, with increased visits to a wide range of practices, as well as inviting a number of practitioners to teach across the course.

In Digital Architecture Portfolio, we welcomed Francesco Nicolardi from Purcell Architecture to teach the fundamental skills of visualisation.  Bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge with him, students benefitted from having his insight into industry standard software and practices. 


In Virtual Cities this time around, students engaged with two live projects, working in both Canterbury and Ashford.  Taking part in the Canterbury Light Trail, they experimented with augmented reality at St Martin’s Church, which, together with St Augustine’s Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.  In Ashford, students took part in the Festival of the Bauble, linking their research into Sci-Fi films in Film and Architecture with their animation work by projecting on the former Odeon Cinema in the High Street. 


For the Spring term, we welcomed Fabrice Bourrelly back to the school to look after Virtual Cities and impart his extensive knowledge on games design software Unreal Engine.  Departing away from the usual rendering experience, students created real-time animations of their architectural scenes. 


In Film and Architecture, following on the Autumn term research and writing, Bence Bardos supplemented the film theory by developing students’ skills in film production.  Creating three-minute films about architecture, they were able to further practice the visualisation principles of composition, lighting, colour, texture, tone, etc. through time-based media. 


In Postproduction, we welcomed back Joseph Robson of AVR London to help students polish and finesse their still image work.  This module also looked at the application of compositing fo CGI imagery into live footage, enhancing students’ skillsets even further. 


I would like to thank Bence Bardos, Fabrice Bourrelly, Francesco Nicolardi, and Joseph Robson for their help in preparing this year’s MAAVers: Jonah Auker, Alice Garner, Sude Kochisar, Edgar Maciulis, Victoria Omisore,  Mohammad Pouryayi Yeganeh, and Grishma Shah.  Good luck with your future careers in visualisation! 

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