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Stage 3

Chatham School of Fashion

My proposal will counteract the closure of UCA Rochester. MidKent College has proposed to take on a large number of the courses UCA offers (mainly fashion related). However, there is limited capacity to relocate students to their campus 3 miles away; therefore, a new school is required. The B&M site, which has been declared a site of interest in the revival of the Chatham Intra area, offers a new home for the school. The impact of the closure will be reduced with the new school 0.5 miles away, the site’s history with the arts and the pier increases its attractiveness.

Chatham School of Fashion will focus on educating students on the importance of reducing fashion-related waste and encourage sustainability. It will offer workshops, gallery space, a cafe, and other related spaces including a runway in the landscape and a textiles donation point.

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