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Stage 2 Coordinator: Rebecca Hobbs

2021-22 has been another challenging year for our Stage 2 students as we slowly returned to a face-to-face teaching and learning mode. In the autumn term, teaching combined face-to-face and for those unable to join in person, on Microsoft Teams and One Note. The autumn term modules contributed to a greater understanding of Renaissance to Neoclassicism, Climate, Architecture and Landscape.

By the spring term, most students returned to the School to engage with the second design module, Collective Dwelling, 19TH Century Architecture together with Form & Structure

Architecture and Landscape

The relationship between a building and a landscape, the threshold between a working landscape and a building to support it, was located on the historic Grey Friars site in Canterbury. The site now called, ‘The Franciscan Gardens’, challenged students to site a building within this beautiful setting, create a landscape for growing produce and illustrate an understanding of elementary planting design.  The architecture and landscape were to be fully integrated spatially, conceptually with sustainability and the environment at its heart. In parallel with this module, students engaged and integrated the Climate module which looked at embedding environmental strategies and a sustainable approach to both architecture and landscape.

Collective Dwelling

This second design project of the year was again located within the city walls. A car park sandwiched between Castle Street and Castle Row offered students the opportunity to explore the site’s rich history, the local vernacular, its relationship with the Norman Castle Keep, the historical Wincheap Gate, and Worthgate, together with long views of the cathedral which formed a fascinating context for the brief. Its proximity to the Dane John Garden and a footpath leading to Bingley Island encouraged students to integrate landscape as part of their masterplan. City living, live/work opportunities following lockdown, apartments, two and three bed dwelling with an associated community provision formed the basis of this challenging module.

List of Stage 2 tutors


Anske Bax, Robert Brown, Catriona Burns, Benedetta Castagna, Huda Elsherif, Joseph Eyles, Professor Gordana Fontana-Guisti, Matthew Gisbey, Dr Manolo Guerci, Rebecca Hobbs, Victoria Lorenco, Jessica Lumley, Patrick O'Keeffe, Professor Alan Powers, Fiona Raley, Sukanya Ravi, Jef Smith, Dr Richard Watkins, Ben Wood, Ronald Yee, Chloe Young.

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