In 2019-20, social and environmental issues are demanding we preserve and reintroduce productive activities in cities whilst re-imagining our cities created with more sustainable and inclusive housing, therefore Stage Two students worked on design projects that challenged them to engage with some of the most important contributions that architecture can make to a balanced, happy society.


The Autumn term Architecture and Landscape project, convened by Felicity Atekpe, looked at the relationship between landscape and architecture through the siting of a building, site planning and elementary planting design and landscape detailing with architecture and landscape fully integrated both spatially and conceptually. The brief was for a small manufacturing (productive) building to support a landscape following sustainable principles relating to the Climate module situated on a car park site on Stour Street connected by bridge to the secret Greyfriars Gardens behind reimagined for growing in the heart of Canterbury’s walled city centre.


The second design project of the year, Collective Dwelling, convened by Timothy Brittain-Catlin, used the design of an accessible, sustainable, mixed-use housing scheme to create a new urban centre in central Dover, to complement and comment on the rich housing and other buildings types from every period in Dover’s history. The project was divided into three equal parts: the creation of survey drawings of historic houses in the area, their details and a design guide; the preparation of a masterplan for design of a layout of 70-90 units of housing on the site and a small group of public buildings; and to ensure that the layout and design of the dwellings make a positive contribution of the streetscape of Dover.

List of Stage 2 Tutors


Haval Abdulkareem, Felicity Atekpe, Anske David Bax, Benedetta Castagna, Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Mattia Fanin, Manolo Guerci, Rebecca Hobbs, Nikolaos Karydis, Jo Merry, Parin Mohajerani, Rebecca Muirhead, Patrick O’Keeffe, Sukanya Ravi, Michael Richards, Nathaniel Seall, Jef Smith, Jonathan Tarbatt, Richard Watkins, Benjamin Wood, Ronald Yee