The power of imagination in architecture can be the source of invention. This year began with the first assignment, the building of an imaginary city based on an extract from Italo Calvino’s, ‘Invisible Cities’ which describes ‘Zenobia’. An imagined city from the text lead to drawings and a ‘City’, a collective community, was built on bamboo ‘stilts’ on the green outside the School. It highlighted the role the imagination plays within the design process and it manifested itself as an eclectic, imaginative and joyful city in the miniature. 

The second assignment was a ‘Tiny House’. A small prototype timber house [5 x 5m], for clients who had a passion for an activity. The site was located on an existing car park in Cliftonville. Its focus was to design a community of houses with an associated landscape. The proposals were to celebrate the sea and the sky.

The final project in Stage I, Building Design, is a brief that considers 19th, 20th and 21st century art and its place in Kent. Students designed a gallery to house the work of Kent based artists, JMW Turner, Shona Illingworth, Rose Wylie, Adam Chodzko and Henry Moore together with an international artist, Do Ho Suh. The site was located on a small peninsular in Canterbury on the River Stour. Views to the Cathedral and the study of light in relation to the artwork was a key aspect of consideration.

Folio AR323, is the key module that straddles the whole year and enables all students to develop their own visual vocabulary. The module is taught to encourage students to communicate their ideas with confidence through sketches, life drawing, making small interventions, ‘Mind the Gap’, orthographic drawing, model making, sculpting, digital drawing, modelling and 3-D renders.

List of Stage 1 Tutors

AR318 Form Finding (Rebecca Hobbs, Tanya Kalinina, Jo Merry, Patrick O’Keefe, Paul Simms, Hooman Talebi & Ben Wood), AR319 Building Design (Rebecca Hobbs, Jo Merry, Rebecca Muirhead, Paul Simms, Jef Smith, Hooman Talebi), AR320 Light & Structure (Richard Watkins & Francesco Incelli), Modern House AR322 (Jef Smith, Colin Cresser, Giacomo Damiani & Kevin Smith), AR323 Folio (Felicity Atekpe, Howard Griffin, Ivan del Renzio, Tim Meacham, Jonathan Tarbatt), AR324 Ancient and Medieval Architecture (Nikos Karydis & Anske Bax), AR325 Building Envelope (Richard Watkins & Ronald Yee).

Module convenors in bold.