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This module focuses on design with existing buildings in an urban context. Focusing on how buildings learn, adapt, respond and change over time, the module required students to reinvigorate the Theatre Royal, Margate through the addition of new facilities and a re-invigorated urban context, towards a sustainable and viable future. Developing both building and urban design proposals, the project provided students with an opportunity to explore how a programme of architectural re-ordering and thoughtful intervention in historic fabric might ‘breathe new life’ into the local community as well as the wider context, enhancing the building, its setting and significance.


This module asked students to design a new model health and wellbeing centre for Cliftonville, Kent. Located on the existing ‘ruins’ of the Cliftonville Lido, students were asked to design new sustainable amenities that responded to local needs and activities and to geographical, environmental, economic and social context. Located in a prominent position, and reflecting on British seaside heritage, the module required students to design their own building brief based on careful mapping of the social context of the locality, proposing projects that both responded to and enhanced the site, the town and the wider social and urban fabric.

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