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Stage 3 | Design 7

Urban Intervention

This module focuses on sustainable urban design and introduces students to the art of designing groups of buildings, urban spaces, and landscapes in a way that addresses today’s environmental challenges. The module focuses on the redevelopment of three selected sites in the ‘fringe belt’ of the city of Canterbury. Considering a larger area than that of previous projects, the students have the opportunity to engage with several aspects of the life of the city, from the way people move through it, to their activities and the way in which space is used.  

Architectural Design

This module asked students to design a new model civic amenity for Canterbury that reflects on the city’s ancient identity as a focus of pilgrimage and learning and in response to contemporary ecological needs. Based on the site of Canterbury Bus Station, and interacting with the adjacent fourteenth century city wall, the module focuses on the development a building complex which enables new social and cultural activity based around three principal goals of growing, knowing and gathering, and in response to existing needs, activities and identity of the city and its inhabitants and to the geographical, environmental, historical, cultural and social context.

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